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 large tree removal 



 stump grinding 

 storm damage 

 lot/view clearing 

Large trees require special attention and experience to remove safely. Your job may require a bucket truck, certified tree climbers, or crane-assisted removals as required by the job. We always find the most efficient and cost-effective option for your project. We are equipped to handle trees of all sizes.


Trees of all ages may require pruning to some degree. Under the supervision of our certified arborists, we can prune your trees for view enhancement, tree health, and general safety concerns. Click to view a list of our most common reasons to prune.

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Cabling and bracing are two methods we use to preserve trees that require additional support.  ​


We offer stump grinding to remove the stump 1ft - 2ft below grade, wood chipping, and full clean-up services to keep your property looking its best.

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The Gorge is infamous for its strong winds and ice storms. We can assess your property pre-storm season for preventive measures, and clean up storm damage after the event. We offer full clean-up, chipping, and hauling services to keep your property safe and attractive.


From residential view enhancement to lot clearing, we can make the improvements and changes you need for building your new home or enhancing your property value while. We will work with you to lay out a creative plan that suits your goals and improves your property.

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Trees, high-angle rigging, and machinery have been recurring themes for Scott Paider and Western Edge Tree Service is where they all come together.


From USFS wildland fire crew to welding and steel construction, Scott has put his hands to work in the air and on the ground for many years. But it was following a decade rigging highline camera systems and stunt safety in the film industry that Scott saw the opportunity to bring together his working knowledge of forestry, rigging and high-angle safety in the form of Western Edge Tree Service. 


Scott has been a Gorge resident and arborist since 1995. Starting Western Edge in 2007 he and his team have been safely removing and maintaining trees in the Gorge for 13 years.

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